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The Woodbury County Board of Supervisors meets regularly on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm, except on scheduled and major holidays. These are held in the Basement of the Courthouse, 620 Douglas Street, Sioux City, Iowa

Request to be on the Agenda

Anyone wishing to be on the Board's agenda can do so by submitting the Agenda Request form. This can be emailed to the Administrative Coordinator and the Executive Secretary or by mailing a copy to:

Board of Supervisors
620 Douglas St., Room 104
Sioux City, IA  51101

These requests need to be submitted by 12:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon prior to the Tuesday meeting. Any supporting material needs to be sent as well.

Agenda Request Form

Rules for Public Participation

This is a formal meeting during which the Board may take official action on various items of business. Members of the public wishing to speak on an item must follow the participation rules adopted by the Board of Supervisors.

  1. Please silence cell phones and other devices while in the Boardroom.
  2. The Chair may recognize speakers on agenda items after initial discussion by the Board.
  3. Speakers will approach the microphone one at a time and give their name and address before their statement.
  4. Speakers will limit their remarks to three minutes on any one item, and address their remarks to the Board.
  5. At the beginning of discussion on any item, the Chair may request statements in favor of an action be heard first followed by statements in opposition to the action. The Chair may also request delegates provide statements on behalf of multiple speakers.
  6. Any concerns or questions which do not relate to a scheduled item on the agenda will be heard under the item "Citizen Concerns." Please note the Board is legally prohibited from taking action on or engaging in deliberation on concerns not listed on the agenda, and in such cases the Chair will request further discussion take place after properly noticed.
  7. Public comment by electronic or telephonic means is prohibited except when directed by a majority of the board or the Chair for a particular agenda item of a subsequent meeting.

Watch Board Meetings on YouTube

2024 Meetings

Feb 29, 2024 · 3:00pm
Special Meeting Joint Closed Session
Feb 27, 2024 · 4:15pm
Feb 20, 2024 · 3:30pm
Feb 13, 2024 · 4:30pm
Feb 8, 2024 · 12:00pm
Notice of Gathering
Jan 30, 2024 · 4:00pm
Jan 25, 2024 · 3:30pm
Closed Session
Jan 23, 2024 · 3:30pm
Jan 16, 2024 · 4:30pm
Jan 9, 2024 · 3:30pm
Jan 2, 2024 · 9:00am
*9:00 a.m. start time*

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