Patrol Division

The Woodbury County Sheriff's Office was established in 1853 and has undergone many changes over the years. With the ever-changing landscape of law enforcement and the technological advances seen in digital and wireless equipment; with Supreme Court rulings and utilization of best practices; our Patrol Division has evolved into the complex, cutting-edge law enforcement tool it is today.

Surprising to many, the Code of Iowa does not provide for a Patrol Division within the scope of authority to any of Iowa's ninety-nine Sheriffs.  Yet patrol is tasked with being the eyes and ears of the Office and in fact; it is its lifeblood and the first responder to numerous incidents.  In spite of the Office of Sheriff not being mandated to have a patrol, the code mandates specific duties which could not be accomplished without it.  Patrol is charged with responding to calls for service.  This could be anything from helping a motorist get back on with their travel plans to apprehending a homicide suspect. 

The Woodbury County Sheriff's Office operates both unmarked and fully marked squad cars.  They operate twenty-four hours each day and respond to all public hazards including fire calls, medical assistance, disturbances, and other cries for distress.  They also perform preventative traffic enforcement, accident investigations, OWI detection, and narcotics interdictions.

Deputies are further required to document their activities through written reports, the logging of evidence, testifying in court, and becoming knowledgeable of their community through the concept of community policing.  Community Policing is stressed through a cooperative partnership with the patrol deputy and the public, who they serve.  Through this partnership, they are able to reach a common goal through a mutual effort in public safety and service.

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