Investigations Division

The mission of the Investigations Division is to provide investigative expertise and to work in partnership with the various communities and Sheriff's Office entities to enhance public safety. Investigations is also committed to supporting local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, to ensure a cooperative, successful and unified effort to protect and serve the citizens of Woodbury County.

The Woodbury County Sheriff's Office Investigation Division is made up of men and women who work diligently to follow up on crimes that occur in Woodbury County.  Detectives not only investigate and help the Woodbury County Attorney's Office prepare prosecutions; they also investigate crimes at the federal level.  Four detectives are currently assigned to the Investigations Division working on general crime and two deputies to the Drug Enforcement Administration (Tri-State Drug Task Force) and the United States Marshals Service.

Another major part of the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office Investigation Division is the Crime Scene Detective.  These detectives are responsible for the collection and preservation of evidence collected at a crime scene.  An additional responsibility Crime Scene has is the storing of this property in the evidence room and making the evidence available at the time it is needed for court.

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