Loess Hills Alliance

The Loess Hills Alliance strives to protect special natural and cultural resources while ensuring the economic viability and private property rights of the region through the creation of a common vision for Iowa’s Loess Hills.

Iowa Code 161D established the Loess Hills Alliance on March 15, 1999 as a part of the Loess Hills Development and Conservation Authority.

  • Established: March 15, 1999
  • Members: 21


2024 Meetings

March 6, 2024
Executive Agenda
March 6, 2024
Full Board Agenda
February 7, 2024
Stewardship Agenda
February 7, 2024
Executive Agenda

2023 Meetings

2022 Meetings

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Nick Beeck
Robert Benton
Dan Bittinger
Alan Dale
Jerad Getter
Lynn Grobe
Brady Hanson
Linda Herman
Terry Lewis
Gary Liebsch
Mark Loutsch
Cara Marker-Morgan
Lonnie Mayberry
Patty McCall
John Meis
Rich Pope
Mark Shoemaker
Dawn Snyder
Tim Sproul
Jeremy Taylor, Alternate
Cindy Thompson
Walter Utman

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