Loess Hills Economic Development

Committees - Chapter 28E


The mission of the Economic Development Committee of the Loess Hills Alliance is to provide a comprehensive plan for economic success of the communities within the Loess Hills that respects the preservation, protection and integrity of the Loess Hills, addressing issues that include: Agricultural, Zoning, Property Rights, Tourism, Cultural Resources Land Use, Natural Resources, Commercial


Rocky De Witt, Alternate: Matthew Ung, Shirley Phillips, Michelle Wodtke Franks, Cindy Thompson, Jeremy Butrick, Kathy Dirks, Doug Kuhlmann, Teresa Miller, Renea Anderson, Justin Herbst

  • Supervisors Assigned: Rocky De Witt, Alternate: Matthew Ung
  • Number of Members: 10


Harrison County Historical Village and Welcome Center in Missouri Valley, IA
2931 Monroe Ave, Missouri Valley, IA 51555, United States