Emergency Management Commission

The Woodbury County Emergency Management Commission is established by Iowa Code 29C.

The Commission appoints the emergency management coordinator and delegates the authority to fulfill the mission to that coordinator.

  • Established: January 1, 2000
  • Members: 17
  • Membership: The law requires that the commission shall be composed of a member of the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors, the Sheriff and the mayor from each city within the County.


2023 Meetings

July 12, 2023
January 11, 2023

2022 Meetings

2021 Meetings

2020 Meetings

2019 Meetings

2018 Meetings

2017 Meetings

2016 Meetings

2015 Meetings


Dave Amick
Linda Cox
Dave Drew
Jim Fisher
Thomas Hardie
Nathan Heilman
Len Lindqusit
Thomas McBride
Scott Mitchell
Elizabeth Peterson
Allan PIthan
Keith Radig, Alternate
Devin Rayevich
Rick Schorg
Bob Scott
Jeremy Taylor
Charles Thorpe
Jon Winkel



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