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Security Institute Commission

The TSI Commission is tasked with establishing the budget for The Security Institute - which is paid 1/3 by the EMA, 1/3 by the City, and 1/3 by WITCC.  The commission also can employ individuals that work in for Western Iowa Tech within the building.  The upstairs of the building is used by the school for classes/training and there is an WITCC admin office. The basement is the Comm. center and EOC which is the bulk of the City/County end of it. The TSI Commission is in charge of making the decisions that are relevant to the building.

  • Established: September 25, 2006
  • Members: 7
  • Membership: Two members of the city of Sioux City, two members representing Woodbury County, two members representing Western Iowa Tech, and one citizen at large.


Rhonda Capron
Dr. Murrell
Keith Radig
Dr. Rasmus
Bob Scott
Jeremy Taylor
Jon Winkel


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