Property Disposition

Woodbury County primarily uses the auction website to dispose of surplus property.

Current Items for Bid on Govdeals

Use the advanced search in to look for our current auctions.  Our govdeals seller name is Woodbury County, IA.


Purple Wave Auction Site

We periodically auction vehicles on Purple Wave Auction.


Personal Property Disposal

County departments that want to dispose of surplus property must fill out the Personal Property Disposition Form

As stated in our policy, "All county offices and departments shall provide e-mail notification to the appropriate authorized Representative of unneeded County-owned personal property.  Notification shall include an attached Woodbury County 'Personal Property Disposition' form identifying items.  Disposition forms shall include estimated item values by the office or department submitting."  Authorized Representatives are described in the policy.

Disposition Policy

Items Sold

List of Items Sold

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