Minutes - 10/17/2023


The Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday, October 17, 2023, at 4:00 p.m.  Board members present were Nelson (at 4:30pm), Taylor, Ung, Bittinger II, and Radig.  Staff members present were Karen James, Board Administrative Assistant, Dennis Butler, Finance and Budget Director, Joshua Widman, Assistant County Attorney, Melissa Thomas, Human Resources Director, and Michelle Skaff, Deputy Auditor/Clerk to the Board.

Closed session per Iowa Code Section 21.5(1)(a) was not held because the party involved did not appear for the meeting. 

The regular meeting was called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and a Moment of Silence.

Motion by Ung second by Taylor to approve the agenda for October 17, 2023.  Carried 5-0.  Copy filed.
Motion by Radig second by Ung to approve the following items by consent:

To approve minutes of the October 10, 2023 meeting.  Copy filed.

To approve minutes of the October 12, 2023 special meeting.  Copy filed.

To approve the claims totaling $1,106,076.97.  Copy filed.

To approve the appointment of Matthew Metzgar, Assistant County Attorney, County Attorney Dept., effective 10-18-23, $87,178.00. Per AFSMCE Assistant County Attorney Contract agreement, Step 6.; and the separation of Hayden Harmon, Civilian Jailer, County Sheriff Dept., effective 10-25-23.  Resignation. Copy filed.

To approve and authorize the Chairperson to sign the Authorization to initiate the hiring process for Civilian Jailer, County Sheriff Dept.  CWA:  $23.97.  Copy filed.

Carried 5-0.

An update was given by Kenny Schmitz, Building Services, on Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center – Building Floor Slab Settlement.  Copy filed.

A public hearing was held at 4:35 p.m. for the sale of parcel #894727230006, 2501 10th St.  The Chairperson called on anyone wishing to be heard.

Motion by Taylor second by Ung to close the public hearing.  Carried 5-0.

Motion by Taylor second by Ung to approve and authorize the Chairperson to sign a Resolution for the sale of the real estate parcel #89472723006, 2501 10th St., to Cody & Kelly Boulware, 2513 10th St., Sioux City, for $337.00 plus recording fees.  Carried 5-0.


BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Supervisors of Woodbury County, Iowa, that the offer at public auction of:

By  Cody L. Boulware and Kelly M. Boulware  in the sum of  Three Hundred Thirty-Seven and 00/100 ($337.00)------------------------ ------------------------------dollars.

For the following described real estate, To Wit:

Parcel #894727230006
West 50 feet of Lot 6 in Block 19 of Coles Addition to Sioux City in the County of Woodbury and State of Iowa
(2501 10th Street)

Now and included in and forming a part of the City of Sioux City, Iowa, the same is hereby accepted: said
Amount being a sum LESS than the amount of the general taxes, interests, costs and penalties against the said Real Estate.

BE IT RESOLVED that payment is due by close of business on the day of passage of this resolution or this sale is null and void and this resolution shall be rescinded.

BE IT RESOLVED that per Code of Iowa Section 569.8(3 & 4), a parcel the County holds by tax deed shall not be assessed or taxed until transferred and upon transfer of a parcel so acquired gives the purchaser free title as to previously levied or set taxes.  Therefore, the County Treasurer is requested to abate any taxes previously levied or set on this parcel(s).

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Chairman of this Board be and he is hereby authorized to execute a Quit Claim Deed for the said premises to the said purchaser.

SO DATED this 17th Day of October, 2023.
Copy filed.

Motion by Radig second by Bittinger to approve the contract for PCC Patching 2023 with Ten Point Construction for $59,250.00.  Carried 5-0.  Copy filed.

Motion by Radig second by Ung to approve the contract for deicing sand production at the Briese Pit with Bedrock for $95,000.00.  Carried 5-0.  Copy filed.

Jeremy Taylor & Mark Nelson, Board of Supervisors, and Dennis Butler, Board Administration, presented information relating to the LEC; Updates, financial picture, and plans by the board in reaction to Oct. 10th LECA/BOS meeting.  Copy filed.

Doyle Turner, 220th St, Moville, and Steve Corey, Salix, addressed the board regarding the LEC updates.
Reports on committee meetings were heard.

There were no citizen concerns.  

Board concerns were heard.

The Board adjourned the regular meeting until October 24, 2023.

Meeting sign in sheet.  Copy filed.

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