Minutes - 4/6/2021


The Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday, April 6, 2021 at 4:30 p.m.  Board members present were Radig, Ung, Monson, De Witt, and Wright.  Staff members present were Melissa Thomas, HR Director, Joshua Widman, Board Attorney, Dennis Butler, Budget/Tax Analyst, and Patrick Gill, Auditor/Clerk to the Board.

The regular meeting was called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and a Moment of Silence.
There were no citizen concerns.

Motion by Ung second by Monson to approve the agenda for April 6, 2021 moving Secondary Roads items to follow the consent agenda. Carried 5-0.  Copy Filed.
Motion by De Witt second by Radig to approve the following items by consent:

To approve minutes of the March 30, 2021 meeting.  Copy filed.

To approve the claims totaling $494,593.60.  Copy filed.

To receive for signatures a Resolution naming depositories for the County Treasurer.


BE IT RESOLVED by the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors in Woodbury County, Iowa:  That we do hereby designate the following named banks to be depositories of the Woodbury County funds in amounts not to exceed the amount named opposite each of said designated depositories and Michael Clayton, Woodbury County Treasurer is hereby authorized to deposit the Woodbury County funds in amounts not to exceed in the aggregate the amounts named for said banks as follows, to wit:
                                                                               MAXIMUM DEPOSIT              MAXIMUM DEPOSIT                                                                                        In the effect
                                                                                     Prior                                            under the
NAME OF DEPOSITORY       LOCATION                resolution                                       resolution

U.S. Bank                               Sioux City, Iowa           $50,000,000                            $50,000,000

Security National Bank           Sioux City, Iowa           100,000,000                            100,000,000

Wells Fargo Bank                   Sioux City, Iowa             50,000,000                              50,000,000

PeoplesBank                          Sioux City, Iowa             50,000,000                               5,000,000

First National Bank                 Sioux City, Iowa            50,000,000                              50,000,000

Primebank                              Sioux City, Iowa            50,000,000                              50,000,000

Great Southern Bank              Sioux City, Iowa             5,000,000                                5,000,000

First National Bank                 Correctionville, Iowa       1,000,000                                1,000,000

Pioneer Bank                          Sergeant Bluff, Iowa     10,000,000                               10,000,000

Sloan State Bank                   Sloan, Iowa                     5,000,000                                 5,000,000

Valley Bank & Trust                Danbury, Iowa                 1,500,000                                 1,500,000

BankFirst                                 Hornick, Iowa                 5,000,000                                 5,000,000

First National Bank                 Correctionville, Iowa        5,000,000                                 5,000,000

United Bank of Iowa                Moville, Iowa                   5,000,000                                 5,000,000

United Bank of Iowa                Anthon, Iowa                   5,000,000                                 5,000,000

Liberty National Bank              Sioux City, Iowa             25,000,000                               25,000,000

First American Bank                Sioux City, Iowa              10,000,000                              10,000,000

Central Bank                           Sioux City, Iowa               10,000,000                             10,000,000

Kingsley State Bank              Sergeant Bluff,Iowa            1,000,000                                1,000,000

First State Bank                        Danbury, Iowa                 5,000,000                              $5,000,000 

SO RESOLVED this 6th day of 2021
Copy filed.

To approve the underground utility permit for Frontier Communications.  Copy filed.

To receive the appointment of Nathan A. Bauer, 821 Glen Dr., Moville, IA, to fill the vacancy for City Council, City of Moville, recently held by Michael Ofert, until the next City Election.  Copy filed.

To receive the appointment of Ted Bromander, to fill the vacancy for Soil & Water Conservation Commissioner, until the next General Election.  Copy filed.
Carried 5-0.

Bid letting was held for gravel excavation.  The bids are as follows:

Holly Brown Const., Ponca, NE  $ 42,085.00
Cockburn Enterprises, Correctionville, IA $ 68,145.00
L A Carlson, Hinton, IA   $ 71,135.00
Barcon, Sioux City, IA   $ 73,975.00
Lieber Construction, North Sioux City, SD $ 82,718.82
Niewohner, Onawa, IA   $136,500.00

Motion by De Witt second by Radig to receive the bids and return them to the County Engineer for recommendation.  Carried 5-0.  Copy filed.

Motion by Radig second by De Witt to award the bid for gravel excavation to Holly Brown Const., Ponca, NE for $42,085.00.  Carried 5-0.  Copy filed.

Bid letting was held at 4:40 p.m. for County Farm Cash Lease.  The bids are as follows:

Kyle Schneckloth, Cushing, IA           $325/acre    $66,137.50
Bruce Willems, Correctionville, IA      $345/acre    $70,207.50
Bousquet Dairy                                   $350.51/acre $71,328.75
Whisky Creek    $346/acre $70,411.00

Motion by Radig second by Monson to receive the bids.  Carried 5-0.   Copy filed.

Motion by Radig second by De Witt to award the bid for County Farm Cash Lease to Bousquet Dairy for $350.51/acre for a total of $71,328.75.  Carried 5-0.  Copy filed.

The Board recessed for a meeting of the Wolf Creek Drainage District.

The Supervisors meeting was called back to order.

The Board conducted interviews for the County Treasurer vacancy with candidates: Tina BertrandMike Headid, and Kolby De Witt.

The Board discussed the selection process to fill the County Treasurer vacancy.

Motion by Monson second by Ung to approve the Tyler Contract amendment.  Carried 5-0.  Copy filed.

Motion by De Witt second by Monson to ask the County Attorney to draft an agreement to allow funding for Not-for-Profit Organizations activities of public purpose.   Carried 5-0.  Copy filed

The Board heard reports on committee meetings.

There were no citizen concerns.
Board concerns were heard.

The Board adjourned the regular meeting until April 13, 2021.

Meeting sign in sheet.  Copy filed.

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