Minutes - 1/18/2018

JANUARY 18, 2018-SPECIAL MEETING OF THE WOODBURY COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS The Board of Supervisors met on Thursday, January 18, 2018, at 3:00 p.m.  Board members present were Pottebaum, Radig, and De Witt; Ung and Taylor were absent.  Staff members present were Michelle Skaff, Deputy Auditor/Clerk to the Board.

Steve Hofmeyer, Deputy Commissioner of Elections presented the Official Canvass results for State Representative 6th District Vacancy Special Election were as follows:

State Representative 6th District Vacancy Special Election held on the 16th day of January, 2018.

There were 23 after-election ballots received, of which 14 were accepted as timely postmarked and/or received, and 1 provisional ballot received and added to the tally.

Jacob Bossman                                              Received two thousand one hundred sixty-five (2165) votes

Rita DeJong                                                  Received one thousand seven hundred thirteen (1713) votes

Candidate Total                                        Three thousand eight hundred seventy-eight (3878) votes

SCATTERING                                                 Four (4) votes

TOTAL                                                          Three thousand eight hundred eighty-two (3882) votes

Motion by De Witt second by Radig to receive and certify the Official Canvass results for the State Representative District 6 Special Election.  Carried 3-0Copy filed.

The Board adjourned the meeting.

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