Minutes - 10/12/2017

OCTOBER 12, 2017-SPECIAL MEETING OF THE WOODBURY COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS The Board of Supervisors met on Thursday, October 12, 2017, at 3:00 p.m.  Board members present were Taylor, Radig, and De Witt: Pottebaum and Ung were absent.  Others present were Steve Hofmeyer, Deputy Commissioner of Elections and Patrick Gill, Auditor and Clerk to the Board.

The meeting was called to order to canvass the Sioux City Primary Election held in Woodbury County on October 10, 2017.

Steve Hofmeyer, Deputy Commissioner of Elections presented the Official Canvass results for Sioux City Primary were as follows:

Sioux City Primary Election held on10/10/2017 - There were 3 provisional ballots, all of which were accepted, and 86 after-election ballots, of which 50 were accepted, and added to the tally.

For the office of City of Sioux City Council Member (4-year term) there were nine thousand one hundred sixty-two (9162) votes cast as follows:

Nick Davidson               Received three hundred ninety-seven (397) votes

Peter Lee Groetken       Received one thousand eight hundred ninety-seven (1897) votes

Jake Jungers                 Received five hundred forty-seven (547) votes

Dan A. Moore                Received two thousand two hundred twenty-nine (2229) votes

John G. Olson                Received four hundred seventy (470) votes

Dennis Quinn                Received six hundred twenty (620) votes

Douglas Waples            Received six hundred fifteen (615) votes

Brett Watchorn             Received three hundred forty-four (344) votes

Alex J. Watters             Received two thousand two (2002) votes    

Scattering                     Received forty-one (41) votes

We Therefore declare Peter Lee Groetken, Jake Jungers, Dan A. Moore, Dennis Quinn, Douglas Waples, and Alex J. Watters duly advance to go on to the ballot of City Regular Election November 7th, 2017.

Motion by Radig second by DeWitt to approve and receive the Official Canvass results for the 2017 Sioux City Primary Election.  Carried 3-0.  Copy filed.

The Board adjourned the meeting.

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