Minutes - 3/3/2015


The Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at 4:30 p.m.  Board members present were Clausen, Ung, Monson, Taylor, and Smith.  Staff members present were Karen James, Board Administrator, Dennis Butler, Finance/Operations Controller, Joshua Widman, Assistant County Attorney, and Jean Jessen, Deputy Auditor/Clerk to the Board.

The meeting was called to order – Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag – Moment of Silence.

Citizen concerns.

Lindsay Oller, Sales Representative, Adventfs.com presented information on how the PayMyJailer program could be an option for recovering revenue for booking, boarding and other fees from jail inmates.  

Motion by Taylor second by Ung to approve the Agenda for March 3, 2015.  Carried 5-0.  Copy filed.

Motion by Taylor second by Ung to approve the minutes of the 02/24/2015 Board meeting.  Carried 5-0. Copy filed.  

Motion by Taylor second by Ung to approve the county’s claims totaling $524,402.47   Carried 5-0.  Copy filed.

Motion by Ung second by Smith to approve the appointment of Wesley Reuter, Sheriff Reserve Volunteer, County Sheriff Dept., effective 2-10-15, $1.00/year.  Per Iowa Code 80D.11.; the separation of Kayne Weaver, Civilian Jailer, County Sheriff Dept., effective 3-1-15.  Resignation.; the appointment of Steven Hughes, Equipment Operator, Secondary Roads Dept., effective 3-4-15, $20.71/hour.  Job vacancy posted 12-10-14.  Entry level salary:  $20.71/hour., the reclassification of Laura Kinnaman, Custodian, Building Services Dept., effective 3-18-15, $15.73/hour, 6%=$.93/hr.  Per AFSCME Courthouse Contract agreement, from Grade 1/Step 3 to Grade 1/Step 4., and the reclassification of Kayla Vondromme, P/T Youth Worker, Juvenile Detention Dept., effective 3-19-15, $17.86/hour, 3.8%=$.67/hr.  Per AFSCME Juvenile Detention Contract agreement, from Grade 1/Step 1 to Grade 1/Step 2.  Carried 5-0.  Copy filed.

Motion by Taylor second by Monson that the parking stalls configuration at the Tri-View building be changed, that on the short side of the building from left to right the first spot be a handicap van placement, the second be a normal handicap car placement, the third be a Veterans Affairs Customers Parking Only with a notice to tow, and the fourth be designated “No Parking” AND that the first two spots on the long side of the building (SW corner parallel to Hamilton) be designated “Veterans Affairs Customers Parking Only” with a notice to tow.  Carried 4-1; Clausen was opposed.  Copy filed.

Motion by Taylor second by Ung to apportion the monthly utilities at the Tri-View building by square footage usage, 74% to Social Services and 26% to Veterans Affairs.  Carried 4-1; Clausen was opposed.

Motion by Ung second by Clausen to designate the Auditor’s office to investigate the money listed in the Great Iowa Treasurer Hunt.  Carried 5-0.  Copy filed.

Motion by Monson second by Ung to approve a work agreement with McClure Engineering for services.  Carried 3-2; Clausen and Smith opposed.  Copy filed.

Motion by Taylor second by Ung to approve Woodbury County Emergency Services to apply for and accept the 2015 Missouri River Historical Development Grant.   The vote was 2-0; Clausen, Monson and Smith abstained.  Assistant County Attorney Joshua Widman advised the board that the motion had failed for a lack of a quorum.

Motion by Taylor second by Ung to approve a standard form format for a request to be on the Agenda.  Carried 5-0.  Copy filed.

The repair on both elevators in the County Courthouse for $155,000, for each elevator, was postponed until next week. 

Reports on committee meetings.

Citizen’s concerns.

Board concerns and comments.

The Board adjourned the regular meeting until March 10, 2015.

Meeting Sign In Sheet.  Copy filed.

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