Minutes - 3/29/2010 - Special Meeting



The Board of Supervisors met on Monday, March 29, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. Board members present were Boykin, Clausen, Monson, Smith, and Walish. Staff members present were Karen James, Board Administrative Coordinator, Dennis Butler, County Auditor’s Office


Meeting was called to order.


A presentation was giving by Dennis Butler on department structure.   Mr. Butler presented document  on  idle investment on Woodbury County funds.  2006 and 2007 gained money that year, reserves were up 25 percent.  In 2010 interest will drop around $600,000 to $700,000.  In 2011 will receive more interest and then in 2012 will probably drop around $800,000 - $900,000 unless interest rates start going up. 


Iowa Code said that the county should have  an investment policy.   


Taxable Valuation:  2010 & 2011 the percentage increases are all pluses.   We gain a little every year.  The problem is the gain is not big enough to cover on- going expenses.


Big problem is the health insurance.  Health insurance has gone up from $3.6 million to $5.9 million in the last four years.  Mr. Walish suggested to contact Gallagher to look into future costs of the health insurance. 


Rob Marquesee presented his goals and objectives for the Rural Economic Development Department:


1. Develop a plan & budget for the industrial/commercial development in the area known as “Southbridge” (south of Sioux City and west of I-29 down to 265th Street), and in the area tentatively known as “Liberty Business Park” (south of Sergeant Bluff to the City of Salix east of I-29).  Implement Plan - that will include Small Food Processing & Center to Service Farmers Market.


2. Land Use Planning:

a.  Ag Enterprise Zone – Small Farm Subdivisions (Small Farm/Onsite Processing & Sales)

b.  Comprehensive Plan Modifications – HWY 20 & Rural Community Comprehensive Plans





3. Culture & Tourism Projects:

a.  Little Sioux Wilderness Water Access

b. Bike Trail – Three County Mountain Bike



4. Rural Community Grocers:

a.  Correctionville: Refurbish Grocery Location; New Operator

          b.  Anthon: Create New Grocery Store – Expanding Existing Operator to New Location



5. County Business Incentive Packages:

a.   Revolving Loan Account: Establish County Policy Creating a Revolving Loan Account

b.  Countywide Programs: Provide Incentive Packages Applicable to All Communities


6.  Local Food Projects:

a.  Sioux City Sue Trademark

b.  Regional Food System Project

c.  Local Food Entrepreneur

d.  Local Food Journal

e.  State Legislation


John Pylelo presented his goals and objectives for the Planning and Zoning Department:




Establish separate Adult Business Entertainment (ABE) Ordinances to interrelate with previously adopted zoning ordinances. In 2008 zoning ordinances were enacted which have established the permitted locations   for ABEs, the site plan requirements and setback/separation distances from certain other uses in the area.


Adoption/Enactment of county-wide storm water ordinances. In coordination with the County Engineer’s office and Board of Supervisors evaluate the necessity of said ordinances.  Should it be determined the ordinances are warranted work with the engineer and other professionals on separate ordinance language to be considered for Supervisor adoption/enactment.


Planning and Zoning currently uses a fee schedule adopted in 2003. The goal is to complete comparable study to assess Woodbury County’s fee schedule for Planning and Zoning related applications with other similar Iowa counties.  A recommendation would be obtained from the Zoning Commission and then presented to the Supervisors for consideration of adoption. The objective would be make office operations more financially self sufficient. It is not expected total self sufficiency can be totally accomplished without establishment of a form of uniform building/construction codes.


Reassessment and updating of Woodbury County’s 2005 General Development Plan including future land use mapping. Using the projected timeline the Development Plan will be 7-8 years old and should be reviewed.  Economic and demographic information from the 2010 census should be available to incorporate into the Plan. A similar review and updating if needed would follow for zoning, subdivision and flood-plain management ordinances. REC’s request for a Comprehensive Plan Model for rural Communities could be evaluated and added at this time.


Review and study, in cooperation with the Rural Economic Development office, of the enactment of a Agricultural Enterprise Zoning (AEZ) district designation with zoning ordinances relating thereto.  Additional study of small farm ordinances being added to existing subdivision ordinances   The goal would be to establish mapping and ordinances taking advantage of economic development opportunities afforded these types of agricultural activities.


All departments have recently been given the flexibility to add information to their respective departmental website without the necessity of always involving WCICC personnel.  This creates opportunity to further develop the Planning and Zoning website as a citizen resource for information, forms and educational materials. Current developments with proposed FEMA mapping has proved the website can be invaluable tool in saving county personnel time and expense. Our long term goal is to continuously take full advantage of this online access to our in-office resources. Our intention is to expand upon a recent trial project which includes the online posting of selected meeting videos. 


In late 2009 FEMA released proposed flood plain mapping for Woodbury County.  It is anticipated a number of the 2,200 county parcels impacted by inclusion within the proposed mapping will request data and assistance in their efforts to minimize the negative impact of map inclusion. Some of these parcels are in areas where significant economic development opportunities may exist. In coordination with the County Engineer’s office Planning and Zoning will additionally embark upon a review of data sources which will hopefully result in portions of the included areas being removed from the mapping. It is anticipated these personnel and resource demands will extend into the 2011-2012 fiscal year and beyond.


Adoption of Wind Energy Facilities ordinances.  In 2009 Woodbury County granted permitting for the construction of a meteorological tower which is currently gathering wind speed and wind direction data.  It is anticipated that the data gathered through 2010 may support the placement of commercial wind turbines within portions of rural Woodbury County. The involvement of the Woodbury County RED will be requested to address  any ordinance adoption’s impact upon economic development marketing efforts. 


Meeting was adjourned.

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