Plate Replacement Cycle FAQs

Q - What is the Plate Replacement Cycle?

A The Plate Replacement Cycle is a program that the Department of Transportation is implementing for license plates that are 10 years old or older and are still on a vehicle. The life span of a license plate is about 10 years. The goal is to start replacing those plates so there would never be a license plate on any vehicle over 10 years old.

Q – When will the replacement plate cycle start?

A - The replacement plate cycle started on April 1, 2012 for the May 2013 registration renewal month.

Q – When am I eligible to be reissued new plates?

A -

If your plates were issued in:

The plate will be replaced in:





















Q – What should I do with my old plate that I have on my vehicle?

A – You should recycle your old plate. You are not required to turn in the plates to the County Treasurer. The Vehicle system will record that new plates have been issued to a customer.

Q – Will there be changes to the license plate design?

A – The background design will remain the same with the rural and city scene in the back ground. In July 2011 the numbers and letters on the plate changed from blue to black color. In November 2011 the zero was changed to a circle slash zero to assist law enforcement. Eventually, the letters on the plate will come before the numbers, for example: BBB111.

Q – Will the postage and handling fee be increased because of the plate replacement?

A – Due to the higher cost of mailing envelopes and packages from the postal service, the cost of mailing a set of plates has gone up slightly. The cost to mail a set of plates is going from $2.60 to $3.00. The cost of mailing a registration with a tag will remain $.50.

Q – If my plate on my vehicle is still readable and looks okay do I have to get a new plate?

A – If your plate is 10 years old or older you have no choice, the vehicle system is programmed to automatically issue a replacement plate.

Q – If only one of my vehicles is due for a replacement plate this year, can I get new plates for my other vehicles so that all of my plates are in sequential order?

A – If you choose to replace plates outside of your plate replacement period, you will be charged a $5 replacement plate fee. You will also need to turn in your old plates and current registration. If you do not have the current registration to turn in, a $3.00 replacement registration fee will be assessed.

Q – I just received my renewal notice in the mail, how do I determine if I am getting new plates?

A – The front of the renewal notice will have a ‘Y’ in the ‘Plates’ column field.

If you need further assistance, please call: 712-279-6500