Road Improvement Policy

posted on 9/17/13
posted by Secondary Roads

The Woodbury County Board of Supervisors approved a new policy for making road improvments to allow rural residential and commercial development in areas where topographic features make it difficult to safely site a driveway access.    The policy allows landowners or developers to request a road survey by the Secondary Road Department to determine if road improvements can be made to allow access to land that otherwise cannot have a driveway due to a lack of sight distance at a preferred site.   If the survey shows that improvements can be made, the county engineer prepares plans and a cost estimate.   The requesting landowner can determine whether they want pay the cost of the project.   If the landowner agrees, the county engineer will prepare a construction agreement that will be signed by the county engineer and landowner and presented for approval by the Board of Supervisors.  The full cost of the project is paid by the requesting landowner.

If anyone has questions, they can contact Mark Nahra, Woodbury County Engineer

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