Woodbury County Attorney

The County Attorney is our county’s chief law enforcement officer, chief prosecuting attorney, and the legal advisor and lawyer for our county government.

The County Attorney prosecutes violations of state criminal laws, seeks justice in criminal cases, and advocates for the protection of crime victims and for community safety.

The County Attorney works closely with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in criminal investigations, and plays a central role in the criminal justice system. The County Attorney also represents the state in juvenile court cases (juvenile delinquency cases, and child-in-need-of-assistance cases), seeking to hold youthful offenders accountable for their offenses, and fighting for the protection of abused and neglected children.

The County Attorney also provides legal advice to the Board of Supervisors and county officers concerning county matters, and represents and defends the state, county and its officers in officially related cases.

The County Attorney’s outstanding team of assistant county attorneys and support personnel are all professionals who are devoted to excellence in public service.