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Chairperson (R) 1st District
Woodbury County Courthouse,
620 Douglas St., Room 104
Sioux City
Iowa, Woodbury
Miscellaneous Information:

Keith Radig first moved from Algona, IA to Sioux City in 1997 to attend Morningside College. In 2001, bought his first home in the Northwest corner of Woodbury County. Keith has worked as a furniture salesman at Hom Furniture since 2005. Keith was also married to his wife, Meredith in 2005. Together they live with their 4 kids, Jaden, William, Emma, and Jonathan.

Keith was elected to the City Council of Sioux City in November 2009, and on January 3, 2017 resigned to take the oath as County Supervisor. He has made a commitment to focus on Economic Development and strategic planning while keeping a watchful eye on the budget and running the County efficiently.