About the Auditor's Office

Woodbury County is one of two in the state of Iowa to have a combined recorder and auditors office. Since 1995, the County Auditor has been known as the County Auditor, Recorder and Commissioner of Elections.

Recorder Duties

More information about Recorder duties including vital records and real estate information can be found on the Recorder department page.

Commissioner of Elections

Voter registration, precinct maps, upcoming election information, past election results, and more can be found on our standalone Woodbury County Elections website.

Auditor Information


The Auditor's Office is considered Budget Central for all government entities. Schools, Cities, Townships, Agricultural Extension, Emergency Management Agency, E911 Service Board, County Assessor, and City Assessor file their completed budgets with the Auditor. These budgets, which include the tax asking for each entity, are reviewed by the County Auditor and then submitted to the State Department of Management. After the Board of Supervisors hold a public hearing on their budget, the Auditor also files the certified County Budget with the State Department of Management.

Clerk to the Board of Supervisors

The Auditor attends all Board meetings, keeps and records the Board meeting minutes, and publishes the proceedings in the official County newspapers.

Insurance & Bonds

Insurance policies and surety bonds are filed and maintained in the Auditor's Office.

Licenses & Permits

The Auditor's Office processes Alcohol and Tobacco Licenses for unincorporated areas within the county. For information of permits inside the city limits, please check with the municipal City Clerk's office.


All of the County payroll is computed and distributed by the Auditor's office. Related reports such as FICA, IPERS, State and Federal withholding, insurance, 457 Deferred Compensation plans, and other deduction reports are filed with the proper entities.

  • Monthly: IPERS
  • Quarterly: 941 Reports, Unemployment Reports, State
  • Year-End: W2s, 1099s

More Information

Iowa State Association of County Auditors

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