Comparable Sales Help

Comparable search is an effective method of researching assessed values. An assessment is an “estimate” or an “opinion” of the value. It is not an exact number, because the exact number is unknown. This estimate is based on what other comparable properties have sold for in the past.

In order for comp search to work effectively you have to find properties that are LIKE yours. For example, find a house that is built close to the same year as yours, square footage is close to the same, style of house is the same, and same condition. If you can, it is best to find comparable properties within the same neighborhood as your property.

On our website, there is a tab at the top of the page that is titled Comp Search. When you click on the tab, you will go to a page where you will have to select what type of property you want to compare. Notice in red print: Sioux City parcels are ONLY available in Sioux City Comp Searches. This means that you have to use the allotted space only for Sioux City Comp Searches. Once you click on Sioux City Residential, it will take you to the specific part of the form that will only work for Sioux City Residential parcels. If you want to use comp search for Sioux City Commercial or Woodbury County Residential, you have to click on that type and it will take you to that specific part of the form.

You must search for your subject property before clicking on the Sioux City Residential tab. Once you click on Sioux City Residential, you will be directed to a criteria selection form that you fill out. You will see the subject information along the right hand side in RED. Criteria for the comparables automatically populates in the form in the middle column (you can change these if needed). Along the left hand side there is a column that is titled USE. Whatever categories you would like to use, click in the box to select. If you do not check the box, it will not use that category while searching. Try to keep the comp criteria as close to the subject as possible but if you are not getting any results you may need to widen your criteria.

After you have clicked on search, the Comp Results page will pop up. The subject property is highlighted in yellow. When looking for comparable properties, less is more. Meaning, the fewer criterions you put in the system the more results you will get.

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