Karen James

Karen James

Administrative assistant

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Performs administrative work in support for Board Administration. Responsible and accountable for assisting the Board in matters relating to the overall management of County operations pursuant to Board of Supervisors responsibilities as established by Iowa Code. Works with the Finance/Operations Controller in budgetary preparations and issues. Carries out directions of the Board of Supervisors in completing assignments and projects as defined. Prepares agendas, schedules appointments and provides data to the Board of Supervisors as required. Represents the Board of Supervisors on committees, projects, etc. as assigned. Establishes overall office procedures and protocols for the Board Administrative Office. Will perform various duties as assigned by the Board of Supervisors in the operations of County government. Under the direction and supervision of the Board of Supervisors. 

Woodbury County Board of Supervisors Assignments


Liaisons from the Board act as a two-way conduit of information both to implement Board policy and direction as well as to keep the Board informed and involved concerning each Department. While each supervisor is assumed to have an “open door policy,” the proper procedure for dealing with concerns is to channel them through the appropriate supervisor. In this way, supervisors can divide their time and focus in the most productive manner.
[Liaison Assignments 2022 - PDF]