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Marty Pottebaum

Supervisor - (D) 3rd District

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Tel: 712-251-1799

Marty Pottebaum was born in Remsen, Iowa, the 13th of 15 children. At age two, the family moved to Sioux City, where he has resided ever since. He was a Sioux City Police Officer for eighteen years before he had to retire on a job related disability. He was a member of the last group drafted into The U.S. army, and is a Past President of The Sioux City Police Officers' Association and The Iowa State Police Association, as well as being an honorary member of The Sioux City Fire Fighters Local # 7. He is currently The Chair of The Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System of Iowa. Marty and his wife Kandy together have five children and seven grandchildren.

Marty was elected to The Woodbury County Board of Supervisors in November 2016, where he hopes to be a voice for everyone in the county that wants their representatives to actually listen to them. He will work to provide the necessary services in a cost effective manner. As one of five Supervisors, Marty believes they all need to work for the good of the county and all of it's citizens.

Committees Serving On: Conservation Board, Soil and Water Conservation District, Third Judicial Department of Corrections, Zoning Commission, Area Solid Waste Board (Landfill), WCICC, Western Iowa Tourism, Board of Adjustment, Hungry Canyons Alliance.


Woodbury County Board of Supervisors Assignments


Liaisons from the Board act as a two-way conduit of information both to implement Board policy and direction as well as to keep the Board informed and involved concerning each Department. While each supervisor is assumed to have an “open door policy,” the proper procedure for dealing with concerns is to channel them through the appropriate supervisor. In this way, supervisors can divide their time and focus in the most productive manner.
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