Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor

Vice Chairperson - (R) 3rd District

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Tel: 712-259-7910

Jeremy Taylor grew up in Sioux City and is a lifelong Woodbury County resident. Jeremy has worked as an Iowa Statehouse legislator and as an English teacher. He is now the Energy & Environmental Specialist for the Sioux City Schools dedicated to maximizing operational efficiencies. In the Iowa Army National Guard, Jeremy enlisted as an intelligence analyst. He is currently a Chaplain and a Major assigned to the 734th Regional Support Group of the Iowa Army National Guard headquartered at Camp Dodge, Iowa.

Jeremy holds a B.A. in English (Dowling College, NY) and two advanced degrees, an M.A. in English (USD) and an M.Div from Liberty University in Virginia. Jeremy met his wife Kim while teaching at a university in Vietnam and they count as blessings four girls and two boys. They own the Green Tea Salon and as small business owners know what it takes to create jobs for our area.

Jeremy is serving his third term on the Board of Supervisors and was first elected in November 2014. His focus is on growing economic development, high-quality services, long-term facility planning, taxpayer saving efficiencies, and responsive customer service.


Committees Serving On: Conservation Board, Soil and Water Conservation District, Third Judicial Department of Corrections, Loess Hills Alliance, Loess Hills Development and Conservation Authority, Loess Hills Scenic Byway, Security Institute Commission.


Woodbury County Board of Supervisors Assignments


Liaisons from the Board act as a two-way conduit of information both to implement Board policy and direction as well as to keep the Board informed and involved concerning each Department. While each supervisor is assumed to have an “open door policy,” the proper procedure for dealing with concerns is to channel them through the appropriate supervisor. In this way, supervisors can divide their time and focus in the most productive manner.
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