Board Meetings

2011-11-29 Board Of Supervisors Meeting


The Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at 10:00 a.m.  Board members present were Monson, Clausen, Smith, Boykin, and Tripp.  Staff members present were Karen James, Board Administrative Coordinator, Joshua Widman, Assistant County Attorney, and Patrick F. Gill, Auditor/Clerk to the Board.

The Claims were approved as presented.  Copy filed.

The Board canvassed the recount for Council Member in the Sergeant Bluff Regular City Election held in Woodbury County on November 8, 2011.
Motion by Clausen second by Tripp to receive for signatures the recount report.   Carried 5-0.
Council Member - City of Sergeant Bluff
Nicole Cleveland              Received two hundred forty-two (242) votes
William Gaukel                 Received two hundred twelve (212) votes
Walter Eugene Wendel      Received two hundred fourteen (214) votes
Don Wood                         Received one hundred twenty-four (124) votes
Candidate Total                 Received seven hundred ninety-two (792) votes
Scattering                          Received eight (8) votes
Total                                 Eight hundred (800) votes

The meeting was called to order.
Motion by Smith second by Tripp to approve the minutes of the 11/22/2011 Board meeting.  Carried 4-0; Boykin abstained.  Copy filed.

The Board approved the appointment of Robert Clausen, Equipment Operator, Secondary Roads Dept., effective 11-30-11, $19.27/hour.  Job vacancy posted:  08-10-11.  Entry salary $19.72/hour.  Copy filed.

The Board approved the reclassification of Jerry Saltzman, Lead Custodian, Building Services Dept., effective 12-10-11, $16.40/hour, 7%=$1.12/hour.  Per AFSCME Courthouse Contract, from Grade 2/Step 4, to Grade 2/Step 5.  Copy filed.
Motion by Clausen second by Boykin to approve and authorize the Chairman to sign a Resolution approving a petition for suspension of taxes for Open Door United Church of Christ, 511 S. Lewis Blvd., Sioux City, parcel #894734251004.  Carried 5-0.


WHEREAS, Open Door United Church of Christ is the titleholder of  real estate Parcel #894734251004 located in Woodbury County, Iowa and legally described as follows: 

Parcel #894734251004

CB RUSTIN & CO S 175.82 FT EX S 30 FT E 30 FT W 55 FT A ND S 175.82 FT EX S 30 FT & EX PART TO S TATE OF E 124.3 FT B LK 32              

WHEREAS, the abovestated property has taxes owing for the second half of the 2010/2011, tax year, and the parcel is owned by Open Door United Church of Christ; and

WHEREAS, the organization, namely Open Door United Church of Christ is failing to immediately pay the taxes due; and 

WHEREAS,  the Board of Supervisors sees that good cause exists for the abatement of these taxes; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors hereby abates  the taxes owing on the above parcel according to Code of Iowa, 445.16 for the taxes owed for the second half of the 2010/2011 tax year and hereby directs the Woodbury County Treasurer to abate these aforementioned taxes from the tax records.
SO RESOLVED this 29th day of  November,  2011.
Copy filed.
A public hearing was held at 10:15 a.m. for construction for a new maintenance building at Luton, IA.

Motion by Clausen second by Boykin to close the public hearing. Carried 5-0.

Bid letting was held at 10:20 a.m. for a new maintenance building at Luton, IA.  The bids were as follows:

Wiese Construction, Cushing, IA                $206,511.00
HCI Construction, South Sioux City, NE     $226,313.00
L & L Builders, Sioux City, IA            $226,700.00
Motion by Clausen second by Smith to receive and refer the bids to the County Engineer for review and recommendation.  Carried 5-0.  Copy filed.

Motion by Smith second by Boykin to approve five recommendations from the Planning & Zoning staff for the use of Snyder and Associate’s Detailed Flood Study for Portions of Woodbury County, they are:

1.  Hard copies of the study and maps be made available within various Woodbury County department and agency offices including but not limited to: The Office of Planning and Zoning; Secondary Roads/County Engineer; Town Clerks of Sergeant Bluff, Salix, Sloan and Hornick; Clerks of Woodbury, Liberty, Lakeport, Grange, Sloan  And Willow Townships. That these departments and agencies be given authority to reproduce and distribute the study and mapping as they so determine when requests are received.

2. The study’s mapping be added and integrated within the County’s GIS system of mapping.

3. That citizen’s, surveyors, engineers and other real estate professionals be provided access to the study and mapping by hyperlink from various County website locations.

4. That study mapping be provided as an additional mapping layer on the County’s Beacon site. Doing so will allowing comparisons of past and present FIRM mapping with the study’s mapping.

5. That elevation data be provided as an additional mapping layer on the County’s Beacon site. Doing so may allow citizens to determine the advantage of filing any LOMA application prior to incurring the expense of hiring a licensed surveyor to certify their elevation.

Carried 5-0.

Motion by Boykin second by Tripp to direct Snyder and Associates to forward the Brown's Lake and Farmer's/Garretson Ditch Flood Studies to FEMA for FEMA's review and consideration of a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR).  Carried 5-0.
Motion by Smith second by Clausen to postpone action to approve the contract and bond for Project Number HDP-CO97(115), PCC Overlay of 330th Street, also known as County Highway K42 and to postpone action to approve setting a public hearing for improvements to the Hackley Lateral Drainage District.  Carried 5-0.

The Board presented a resolution thanking and commending retiring County employee Beverly Smith for her years of service to the County.

Motion by Boykin second by Smith to receive the architect’s recommendation on the Courthouse Restoration and award the contract to Frank Audino Construction for the base bid and two alternatives for $117,439.  Carried 5-0.
The Chairman asked if there were any individuals or groups wishing to make a presentation of items not on the agenda, or Supervisors concerns.

Dan Lee, 1405 260th St. discussed the location of the Salix Interchange with the Board.

Jennifer Cullenward, 1383 220th St. discussed the FEMA revision with the Board.

Annual review of activities and future projects by Sheriff.

The Board adjourned the regular meeting until December 6, 2011.