Construction Report for May 3, 2019

Construction Project Report


To be let:


FM-CO97(136)—55-97, D38 HMA resurfacing project between Bronson and the Moville Blacktop. Letting date: July, 2019.   Late start date:  to be determined.    The project involves cold in place recycling of existing pavement followed by an overlay of the pavement with new hot mix asphalt pavement.   The project letting has been delayed as we have reached the allowable three-year borrow ahead restriction of our farm to market fund.  We now have to wait until we have accrued an adequate fund balance to let more project work to contract.   We hope fund levels will allow the work to be done in 2019.


L-B(C160)—73-97, County Bridge C160 is on Haskell Avenue between 140th Street and Iowa Hwy 141. Letting date:  May 7, 2019.  Late start date:  to be determined.  

This bridge was programmed for replacement in FY 2019. The existing bridge was destroyed in flooding during a June 2016 storm event.   Letting is scheduled for May 7, 2019 with construction this summer.


Under Contract:

FM-CO97(137)—55-97, K49 HMA resurfacing project between Plymouth County line and county route D12.   Letting date: February 19, 2019.   Late start date:  to be determined.  Contractor:  Knife River.    Woodbury County share of contract price:    $286,297.37.  

This project is being done in coordination with a Plymouth County project on county route K49 in both counties.   The project involves cold in place recycling of the existing pavement followed by an overlay of high performance asphalt surfacing.    The high-performance surface provides a thinner overlay on top of the recycled pavement than standard hot mix asphalt.   This is Woodbury County’s first project using this material.  Work will be done in 2019.


L-B(U51)—73-97, 320th Street Bridge replacement.   Letting date: October 30, 2018.   Late start date:  April 15, 2019.   Contractor: Graves Construction, Spencer, IA.  Contract price:  $475,343.66.   Working days: 65.  This bridge has been closed since 2014 due to a failed substructure piling.

The project allowed winter work at the contractor’s option and some work was completed. The contractor moved on site in January and removed the old bridge.  Pile driving and other work on the project has been delayed by spring flooding.  The road was under water for the three weeks during the recent flood.   The contractor is now able to reach the site and has resumed work.   East pier piling were driven this week and pile encasements are ready to pour.  We will be graveling the road next week to allow the contractor better access to the site.


BROS-CO97(133)—55-97, Hancock Avenue Bridge replacement. Letting date:  October 16, 2018 (IDOT Letting) Late start date: June 17, 2019.   Working days: 85.   Contractor: Dixon Construction.   Bid Price: $567,393.30.  This project replaces an aging truss bridge on Hancock Avenue near the 200th Street intersection.  The current bridge is posted 3 tons.

            The old bridge has been removed and the grading contractor has started work on the south side of the bridge channel. Once the south side is done, the grading contractor will move to the north side.  Dixon Construction will move in and start work on the new bridge once the grading contractor moves to the north side.  We expect Dixon to start driving south abutment piling next week.    


STP-S-CO97(134)—55-97, D50 PCC Resurfacing near Oto. Letting date:  April 17, 2018.   Late start date: July 23, 2018.   Working days: 60.  Contractor: Cedar Valley Corporation, Waterloo, IA.  Contract price:  $2,354,844.71. 

            All mainline paving is complete and the road has been open to traffic as of Thursday, November 29.   New guardrail is installed on the bridge and bridge approaches.  Remaining work includes paving intersection fillets, diamond grinding areas not meeting smoothness requirements, and completing edge line pavement markings.   Work on the project is expected to resume May 1 to build the gravel road fillets and to grind areas that did not meet specifications for smoothness.  


BROS-CO97(132)—55-97, 150th Street Bridge replacement near Lawton.  Letting date:  June 19, 2018 (IDOT Letting). Late start date: May 1, 2019.   Working days: 105.   Contractor: Dixon Construction, Correctionville, IA.  Contract price:  $1,019,550.42.   This project replaced an aging bridge on 150th Street (Old Highway 20) north of Lawton.

Substantial work was completed during the winter and the deck was poured on Friday, April 5th.   All concrete work is done on the bridge.   Grading work is underway to raise the road to meet the new bridge elevation.   There are some unstable areas in the grade that are being treated with Portland cement to stabilize it ahead of placing new pavement at the bridge approaches.  We expect the bridge to be open early summer 2019.


L-B(J9)—73-97, County Bridge J9 is on 170th Street between Jasper and Jewell Avenues. Letting date:  August 21, 2018.  Late start date:  April 15, 2019.  Contractor: Dixon Construction, Correctionville, IA.  Contract price:  $544,821.40. This bridge was one of the flood damaged structures from the June 18, 2016 storm event.   The bridge has been closed to traffic since it was damaged in the flood.

            Removal of the old bridge is complete, channel shaping under the bridge opening is done and riprap has been placed within the bridge opening area. Abutment piling have been driven and concrete has been poured on the two abutments.   Beams are set and decking for the bridge pour is being formed.   We expect a bridge deck pour late next week.    We anticipate mid-summer 2019 project completion.


L-C(D156)—73-97, County Bridge D156 is on Franklin Avenue between 140th Street and 150th Street. Letting date:  February 26, 2019.  Late start date:  July 8 2019.  Contractor: Midwest Contracting, Marshall, MN.  Contract price:  $146,739.00.  This bridge was programmed for replacement in FY 2019.  The existing bridge was deteriorating and nearing the end of its service life.

            The contract has been signed by the board.   My office is waiting to hear from the contractor with a proposed start date for the project.



Work Under Design:

Design work is underway on the following projects for letting in 2019.

1)         250th Street Grading Project -  2.25-mile grade for paving project south of Anthon.   Right of way will be necessary to allow construction of this road.   Final design is complete.   Plats for right of way acquisition are complete and acquisition has started.  We have two right of way negotiations still in negotiation with landowners. We are working toward an May or June 2019 letting.  This project is funded with the $1.3 million per year special project levy funds.


2)         The Mason Avenue bridge was severely damaged by flooding on the Little Sioux River in July 2018.   The bridge has been closed to traffic due to damage caused by the bridge being struck by a large tree.   The county engineer’s office was notified that FEMA has determined that the damage is eligible for repair/replacement assistance.  The county road department has filed required documentation requesting assistance from FEMA with eligible costs and has started work on design of a new bridge at this location.    We expect that work to be completed in 2020 at this time.