Construction Report for October 26, 2019

To be let:

FM-CO97(136)—55-97, D38 HMA resurfacing project between Bronson and the Moville Blacktop. Letting date: December 17, 2019.   Late start date: June 2020.   The project involves cold in place recycling of existing pavement followed by an overlay of the pavement with new hot mix asphalt pavement.   The July 2019 bids came in over 20% above my engineer’s estimate.     At my recommendation, the Board rejected all bids.   We will re-bid the project in December, when we might have more competitive bids.  


Under Contract:


L-B(C160)—73-97, County Bridge C160 is on Haskell Avenue between 140th Street and Iowa Hwy 141. Letting date: May 7, 2019. Late start date: September 3, 2019. Contractor: Graves Construction of Spencer, IA.   Contract price:   $620,679.27.   This bridge was programmed for replacement in FY 2019. The existing bridge was destroyed in flooding during a June 2016 storm event.

The contractor has moved in on site.   Channel work under the bridge is done, including the installation of riprap bank protection. North abutment piling have been driven and the abutment concrete is poured.   Pile driving and abutment construction on the south side will be done this week. Precast beams for the bridge have been produced and will be delivered when the abutments have seen adequate cure time.   Winter work is allowed on this project.


L-FM(D50)—7X-97, D50 Grading for Paving Project on 250th Street from Hwy 31 to County Route L27. Letting date: September 10, 2019.   Late start date: April 13, 2020.   Contractor: Mather Construction Co. Total bid price: $2,031,975.53.   The project involves grading 250th Street east of Iowa Highway 31 for approximately 2.25 miles in preparation for paving the road. The project is funded by the $1.3 million special projects levy.  

The project was let to contract on September 10th and awarded to Mather Construction on September 17th.   The contract was approved by the board on September 24th.   Grading and culvert installation has started. The contractor is working on the east end of the project, just east of Mason Avenue. Clearing and grubbing has started on the whole project corridor. The contractor plans to work on grading beginning at the east end of the project until winter freeze up.   Work will be suspended when weather conditions prohibit grading until spring.   We expect the project to be completed in late summer, 2020.


FM-CO97(137)—55-97, K49 HMA resurfacing project between Plymouth County line and county route D12.  Letting date: February 19, 2019.   Contractor: Knife River.   Woodbury County share of contract price:   $286,297.37.  

This project is being done in coordination with a Plymouth County project on county route K49 in both counties.   The project involves cold in place recycling of the existing pavement followed by an overlay of high performance asphalt surfacing.   The high-performance surface provides a thinner overlay on top of the recycled pavement than standard hot mix asphalt.   This is Woodbury County’s first project using this material.

            Cold in place recycling is complete. Surface HMA placement was completed on Friday, October 25.   Shouldering must be completed, followed by pavement markings.   We expect the project to be completed this week.


Work Under Design:


Design work is underway on the following projects for letting in 2019 and 2020.


1)         The Mason Avenue bridge was severely damaged by flooding on the Little Sioux River in July 2018.   The bridge has been closed to traffic due to damage caused by the bridge being struck by a large tree.   The county engineer’s office was notified that FEMA has determined that the damage is eligible for repair/replacement assistance. The county road department has filed required documentation requesting assistance from FEMA with eligible costs and has started work on design of a new bridge at this location.   Preliminary design work is underway for a 209’ x 24’ continuous concrete slab bridge that meets the hydraulic requirements of this crossing.   There will still be road grade overflow on both sides of the bridge for extreme flooding, similar to the way the current truss has worked.   We will be submitting the design to FEMA shortly to obtain approval for an improved project.   We expect that work to be completed in 2020.                 


2)         The county engineer is preparing plans to improve Benton Avenue south of 120th Street. The engineer is planning to construct a proper ditch on the west side of the road.   He is working with MidAmerican Energy to move the power pole in the west ditch that is in the way of finishing the work on the road.  

Benton Avenue is a dead-end gravel road with several residences on either side of the road. For the second time in 10 years, the road suffered from severe instability during spring thaw. Options for improving the road to assure access are being explored by the Board and county engineer.


3)         FEMA was in Woodbury County on August 19th to review damages on the Wolf Creek and Weber Creek Drainage Districts.   Damage reports have been reviewed by the county engineer, signed, and submitted to FEMA for consideration of damage award.


4)         FEMA was in Woodbury County on September 19 to review county secondary road damaged structures including bridge embankments and stream grade protection weirs.   The county is filing reports on labor, equipment and material used to repair roads damaged during spring flooding.